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Polesine Film Commission


On December 23, 2009 was signed the agreement for the establishment of the coordination for the promotion of television and audiovisual film called Polesine Film Commission.
The objectives are the image growth of Polesine and the consequent increase of its attractiveness for settlement, tourism and cultural purposes, through the development of geography and art features, as well as local professionals and services. Polesine Film Commission aims to acquire and provide information to the Film producers, regarding the choice of locations, relations with the institutions, the practices of issuing permits for filming and contacts with local professionals in the industry.

The Polesine contains, in its strip of land between the two rivers Po and Adige, landscapes truly extraordinary, in each of their own peculiarities have already seen in the past, featured in some of the most significant films by great directors the likes of Antonioni, Avati, Mazzacurati, Rossellini, Soldati, Vancini, Visconti.
The gallery is worth visiting locations, gives an opportunity to see really beautiful places.

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